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MiNi-D1000 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier




First ever OMEGA controlled amplifier!





First ever VE-TAT accelerated amplifier!





First ever MARS protected car amplifier!



Smaller - Stronger - Smarter

MiniD is a true next-gen amplifier - with  features and a level of design sophistication years beyond the competition.  With MiniD, Earthquake once again reasserts absolute dominance in the field of car amplifier technology.

Joseph_medium.jpg To decisively leapfrog the car amplifier industry, would be no easy task. Earthquake’s chief engineer, Joseph Sahyoun, descended into the Earthquake research laboratories determined to crack the code to the universe and design the car amplifier of the future!

 It was clear that the amplifiers of the future would be  smaller, stronger and smarter. However breaking through the technical barriers on the way would require considerable innovation.

 To decrease the size of an amplifier its necessary to increase efficiency. This requires  intelligence and control.  In the pursuit of these goals several new technologies were developed.



omega_logo_medium.png Omega (Optical Multilevel Empirically Guided Aggregation) is the highly evolved brain and central nervous system of the MiniD amplifier. Traditional amplifiers are comprised of many circuits, operating in blind autonomy. OMEGA adds intelligence and operational awareness to these functions- transforming autonomy into unity. OMEGA is tapped into every circuit and transmits instructions in the optical plane with a speed more than 1500 times that of the fastest signal passed through the amplifier.

This enables constant optimization of power generation and amplification.

 The best example of efficiency gain due to OMEGA is  the power supply and amplification section, previously operating without coordination.  With OMEGA - they operate in continued adaptive synchronization, almost doubling their output. In addition to adaptive synchronization  OMEGA utilizes an optical multilevel feedback path operating in the digital domain - providing real time targeting data, - enabling OMEGA to digitally steer voltage and current with absolute precision.



VE-TAT (Velocity Enhancing Transistor Augmentative Technology ) is an enhanced transistor dead-time controller. Where OMEGA is a macro overlay system - VE-TAT works at the component level. A critical area for efficiency in a Class D amplifier is the speed and precision by which the transistors can be opened and closed. VE-TAT dramatically increases transistor velocity, thus eliminating dead-time losses and increasing efficiency. The addition of VE-TAT makes the Earthquake  Gen 3 Enhanced Class D output topology the most efficient Class D technology on the planet today.    




MARS (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System) is a new type of protection system that enables the use of all amplifier power resources without compromising the survivability of the amplifier under catastrophic conditions. Typical protection systems rely on fuses or relays that complicate the signal path thus degrading audio quality. MARS is different as it is not in the signal path, but works by sensing the electromagnetic field of the conducting wires.


Like OMEGA  the internal communication of  MARS is optical rather than electrical.

MARS does not use any relays or other damping-factor reducing mechanical switches that can wear out or fail over time. Instead, a specially designed circuit instantly shuts off the output drive.

In the event a short-circuit activates the MARS protection system, it continuously re-scans the output every 10 seconds. Normal operation automatically resumes as soon as the short-circuit condition is removed.


Unprecedented placement possibilities.

Reclaim your trunk space! The new micro form-factor of the MiniD opens up a new realm of placement possibilities - Under car seats, inside door or chassis panels. It is no longer necessary to stuff your trunk with amplifiers to get great sound. 

Real world benefits

The real world benefits of these technologies are significant. In comparison to a traditional Class AB amplifier with an efficiency of 45 percent, the MiniD at 96 percent will use less than half the power playing at the same volume. Or it will play 3 db louder with the same amount of power. 3 DB is the same as adding an extra woofer to the system. With MiniD even a  staunch system will be able to operate with just the stock battery and alternator. As MiniD is very competitively priced against inferior rivals - all this extra power is basically FREE.


  • Clip Suppression technology. The MiniD will avoid hard clipping , so in the event of excessive input the sound will not get harsh.
  • Bridge-Link feature. Two MiniD amplifiers (of same model) can be linked together for Triple the output of a single unit.
  • Fan free operation. The stellar efficiency of the MiniD negates the need for noisy fans. Even when driven continuously 2 db into clip the MiniD will not overheat.


 MiNi-D Amplifier Series  (Youtube)


  • Model: MiNi-D1000
  • EAN: 0-168975-910684
  • Sold and priced by PIECE
  • 0 - 12dB (30-80Hz) Bass Boost - available on the D2000 and D2500 models
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
  • 40 - 180Hz LPF (Low Pass Filter)
  • Gain Control
  • Remote Gain Level Control
  • Channels: 1 (MONO)
  • Class: Digital Class D
  • Max Power: 1000 Watts
  • RMS Power 1-Ohm: 600 Watts
  • RMS Power 2-Ohm: 360 Watts
  • RMS Power 4-Ohm: 180 Watts


  • Length :160mm
  • Width : 177mm
  • Height : 48mm


Picture Gallery

MiNi-D1000 Manual

MiNi-D1000 Product Release

MiNi-D1000 CutSheet

MiNi-D Series Brochure  


MiNi-D Mono Subwoofer Amplifier Print

MiNi-D Mono Subwoofer Amplifier Print 2


€ 233 w/o VAT
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