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EQ-1000 - Plateamp



- The EQ1000 hits hard with a Massive 1000 Watts into 2-Ohms -
EQ1000 is designed for the bass enthusiast who wants a very powerful no-nonsense plate amp. It is ready for hard and continuous operation - even in demanding 2 ohm loads. With 1000 watts into 2 ohm, airtight design for direct mounting in the subwoofer and remote control the EQ1000 is unparalleled in its class. The EQ1000 rounds out Earthquake line of plate amps by filling the space between the value priced  ME series and the exotic IQ models. 

EQ1000 is designed, developed and rationally produced at Earthquakes own factory. This ensures high performance, overbuild construction and a sensational low price. Here, quality is not gobbled up by 10 middlemen.

EQ1000 is designed to MIL-STD (U.S. Military Standard) instructions for vibration, temperature, and pneumatic pressure fluctuations.
A plate amp is mounted in a subwoofer and is thus exposed to constant vibration. If you look at the back side of EQ1000 the construction and placement of amplifier components may seem cluttered and confusing, as there is no apparent pattern or symmetri in the design. However each individual component is carefully placed. The design evolved through hours of vibration analysis - the result is an amp virtually immune to vibration.
Typically, electronics designed for end-user installation are designed to be beautifully symmetrical like soldiers on parade. This is done so because market research says that consumers link  superficial symmetry and visual order with quality. The technical reality is often the opposite. Earthquake Corporation often set marketing aside in the pursuit of the best possible design.

Large amounts of thermal RTV Silicone is used to ensure the amp is airtight while also raising the tolerance for vibration and cooling off key components.  Other plate amps on the market require a separate sealed box inside the sub. This prevents air flowing  out through the amplifier and it protect against vibrations. This complicates the construction of the sub and increases its size. The airtight design of the EQ1000 overcomes this and can therefore be mounted directly in the sub..
Like the high-end IQ plate amps the EQ1000 is equipped with an oversized separate transformer. The separate design reduces the mounting depth thus allowing even smaller subs to be build. The transformer is easily installed in a corner of the cabinet where there is extra space. The transformer is a rigid silicon-steel hard-wound 750VA low regulation toroidal transformer. The large and heavy transformer ensures a stable supply without voltage drop even under heavy load.
The oversized Evolved Class D amplifier has an efficiency of 90% which means that the amplifier does not get hot even with extended high output. This unique class D design distinguishes itself with high performance and superb bass control. Even the most complex source material is reproduced with precision.

EQ1000 amplifier comes with IR eye and remote control making volume  easy to adjust while the subwoofer is playing, wherever it is located.


  • Sold and priced per piece.
  • Power Cable not included. 


  • Model No: EQ-1000
  • EAN: 789404519850
  • Earthquake Evolved Class D Amplifier
  • 1100 watt MAX  1,5 ohm @ 230 volt
  • 1000 watt MAX   2 ohm @ 230 volt
  • 685  watt RMS 2 ohm  no more than 1% distortion
  • 380 watt RMS FTC  4 ohm  less than 0.5% distortion
  • 180 watt RMS FTC  8 ohm less than 0.05% distortion
  • Standard room correction
  • Airtight design for direct mounting in the subwoofer box
  • 0-180 degree phase adjustment
  • 50 - 160 Hz frequency adjustment (24dB filter)
  • Volume control
  • RCA input and output
  • Speaker power in and outputs.


Outside dimensions:

  • Height: 267 mm
  • Width: 267 mm
  • Plate thickness: 3 mm
  • Maximum insertion depth: 67 mm
  • Hole Size:
  • Height: 232 mm
  • Width: 235 mm

EQ1000 is the plate amp used in our SuperNova MKV subwoofer.

EQ-1000 Schematics

EQ-1000 Manual


€ 433 w/o VAT
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