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The Earthquake Reference Bookshelf Speaker RBS-52 is a compact passive monitor speaker with exceptional audio quality. It has a neutral and elegant appearance making it ideal for any setting. With focus on the core audio qualities the RBS-52 is free from costly gimmicks and bejeweled surfaces. Its rational design and audio obsessed internals comes together to make the  RBS-52 superb value for money and attainable on almost any budget.

The Earthquake aficionado will recognize their iQuake genetics as both tweeter and woofer are almost identical to those in our long running iQuake series, one of the most lauded compact speakers on the market.

Perfect for home theater, in the studio or anywhere a small unassuming high quality speaker  is needed.

A self-centering, removable magnetic fabric front grille provides a pin-hole free front fascia.

Core Earthquake Technologies featured in this product:


PMT :(Piston-Max Technology)
A patented Earthquake technology that enhance acoustical output while keeping a minimal footprint.

The 5.25 inch wideband woofers are manufactured using the Piston-Max Technology. Piston-Max moves the speaker surround to the outer edge of the cone body, resulting in 20 percent increase of surface area. This translates into more sound and higher efficiency. 


iQuake Internals :
 Superior quality highly evolved internals derived from the iQuake speaker line.  Enhanced and perfected over 4 generations of iQuake iterations.


Priced and Sold Per Pair.


  • 1” Silk Dome NEO Tweeter
  • 5.25” Low-mass Rigid Carbon Fiber Cone
  • PistonMax™ Technology
  • Gold Plated Terminals
  • Enforced Bass Reflex Enclosure
  • Removable Self-centering Magnetic Grille


  • Model nr.: RBS-52
  • EAN: 0068975901395

  • HF Driver: 1” Silk Dome NEW Tweeter
  • LF/MF Driver: 5.25” Carbon Fiber w/ PistonMax
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20kHz
  • Crossover  Frequency: 3kHz (High Pass)
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Amp Power: 50-300W
  • Nomial Impedance: 8 Ohm




RBS-52 Manual

RBS-52 Cutsheet

RBS-52 Product Release

€ 269 w/o VAT
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