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MiNi-D1000.4 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier

- Introducing the Mini-D1000.4 | 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier -

As the first 4 channel full-range amplifier of the MiniD series, the MiNi-D1000.4 is blazing its own trail. It does so by cramming 4 full channels of robust cool running power into a micro chassis the size of a portable hard drive. This level of power density is just now possible thanks to the new Power Chip technology from Earthquake. 


powerinside2_medium- Power Chip Technology -

The next frontier, in the race to make the smallest and most powerful amplifiers, is Power Chips. A Power Chip is a chip like a computer processor that has all the functions of a normal discrete component output stage.  

Earthquake is at the forefront of this battle with the introduction of the Hybrid Power Chip amplification technology featured in the Mini-D1000.4 amplifier.

It combines the output Power Chip itself with a wideband discrete switch mode power supply connected through an intelligent communications bridge. This  best of both worlds solution has Power Chip compactness  and discrete transistor resiliency.



- VE-TAT Enhanced Power Supply -

VE-TAT (Velocity Enhancing Transistor Augmentative Technology ) is an enhanced transistor dead-time controller. VE-TAT is a component level technology. A critical area for efficiency  is the speed and precision by which the transistors can be opened and closed. VE-TAT dramatically increases transistor velocity, thus eliminating dead-time losses and increasing efficiency. The addition of VE-TAT makes the Earthquake SR-SMPS switch mode power supply one of the most efficient on the planet today.   



- MARS - (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System) is a new type of protection system that enables the use of all amplifier power resources without compromising the survivability of the amplifier under catastrophic conditions. Typical protection systems rely on fuses or relays that complicate the signal path thus degrading audio quality. MARS is different as it is not in the signal path, but works by sensing the electromagnetic field of the conducting wires.

MARS does not use any relays or other damping-factor reducing mechanical switches that can wear out or fail over time. Instead, a specially designed circuit instantly shuts off the output drive. In the event a short-circuit activates the MARS protection system, it continuously re-scans the output every 10 seconds. Normal operation automatically resumes as soon as the short-circuit condition is removed.


- Unprecedented placement possibilities - 

Reclaim your trunk space! The new micro form-factor of the MiniD opens up a new realm of placement possibilities - Under car seats, inside door or chassis panels. It is no longer necessary to stuff your trunk with amplifiers to get great sound. 


  • Clip Suppression technology. The MiniD will avoid hard clipping , so in the event of excessive input the sound will not get harsh.
  • Fan free operation. The stellar efficiency of the MiniD negates the need for noisy fans. Even when driven continuously 2 db into clip the MiniD will not overheat.
  • User selectable high and low pass crossovers with variable crossover frequency
  • Boost function, enables up to 12 dB boost of the chosen crossover frequency


 MiNi-D Amplifier Series  (Youtube)


  • Model: MiNi-D1000.4
  • EAN: 0168975910905
  • Sold and priced by PIECE
  • Channels: 4
  • Class: Digital Class D
  • Max Power: 1000 Watts
  • RMS Power 4-Ohm: 2 X 190 Watts Bridged
  • RMS Power 2-Ohm: 4 X 90 Watts
  • RMS Power 4-Ohm: 4 X 65 Watts
  • THD+N less than 0.01%
  • Channel separation better than  80dB
  • Crossover frequency spectrum 40-400 Hz
  • SN ratio beyond 110 dB
  • Fuse rating 2 x 20A (included)



MiNi-D1000.4 Manual

MiNi-D1000.4 Product Release

MiNi-D Series Brochure  

€ 280 w/o VAT
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