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Earthquake Patents

Earthquake Sounds chief ingeneer and president, Joseph Sahyoun has a long line of patents. A great deal of these are implemented i Earthquake Sounds products.

Earthquake Europe are giving you full access to read and download the relevant patents:

Acoustic radiator with at baffle of a diameter at least as large as the opening of the speaker enclosure to which it is mounted:

January 2008
October 2002

Amplifier with dynamic rail control drive circuit.

November 2004

Audio radiator with radiator flexure minimization and voice coil elastic anti-wobble members.

April 2004

Audio speaker damper with electrically conductive paths thereon to carry voice coil signals and a method therefore.

February 2005
January 2004

Audio speaker with wobble free voice coil movement:

April 2008
June 2007
June 2007

March 2007

October 2004
September 2004
September 2004

Electromagnetic motor to create a desiredlow frequency vibration or to cancel an undesired low frequency vibration:

November 2008
September 2006

Exterior surface of a heat sink:

August 1993

Loudspeaker low profile quarter wavelength transmission line and enclosure and method:

October 2007  

Low profile audio speaker:

March 2005
January 2004
September 2002

Method and audio speaker with minimization of wobble of the voice coil:

March 2007
December 2004

Passive speaker system:

January 2003
September 2003
October 2002
April 2000

Speaker resistance sensing and power limit setting circuit:

July 1996

Universal audio speaker connection block:

March 2007
October 2004


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