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On-Wall Speakers
Titan Hestia
Titan Hestia
Titan Hestia is a high-end multi-purpose LCR on-wall speaker. Designed to perfectly compliment the Telesto and Tigris floor standing speakers it can be used as center and rear speakers in a complete Titan system.The Hestia is capable of thundering dynamics while remaining perfectly composed, detailed and harmonic.
€ 622 w/o VAT
OW-C5 Cinénova Clarté On-Wall LCR Speaker
OW-C5 Cinénova Clarté On-Wall LCR Speaker
The Cinénova Clarté On-Wall LCR Loudspeaker is a new addition to Earthquake’s famous Cinénova family of high fidelity products.
€ 1.084 w/o VAT

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