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K-10 Subwoofer

K-10 KOMPRESSOR Subwoofer Tube

Back by popular demand, the K-10 gets a grille replacement.

Getting tired of the “just me” type of subwoofer tube, Joseph Sahyoun integrated the patented SLAPS technology into the smallest most compact tube; thus creating the “KOMPRESSOR”. The latest and most advanced bass cylinder to ever exist.

The patented SLAPS allows the subwoofer tube to be tuned to ridiculously low frequencies, while getting massive amount of SPL in the sub-harmonic range. The KOMPRESSOR is technologically the most advanced tube available on the market today. The small package addresses looks and performance: the drivers move over 3 inches, clearly beyond the norms of any other drivers. The KOMPRESSOR is guaranteed to shake loose the trunk of your car and its contents.

Here at Earthquake, we believe that good bass does not have to be expensive nor does it eat up your trunk space.


  • Model nr.: K-10
  • EAN: 0689759101352
  • Subharmonic on steroids
  • “SLAPS” Loaded
  • 10” Subwoofer tube
  • 20Hz - 1.5 kHz
  • 800 Watts Max
  • 4 Ohms



K-10 Manual

K-10 Press Release

€ 245 w/o VAT
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