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GLI-200 Ground Loop Isolator

Expanding on Earthquake’s line of audio problem solving products; the new GLI-200 is the leading ground loop isolator on the market. The standard A/V receiver output is 600Ω yet most ground loop isolators on the market today have 200Ω at best. When using these substandard products, your A/V receiver has to deliver 3X more current and or compromise the output level. The new GLI-200 comes with an impedance of 600Ω right out of the box matching that of the industry standard.

Unlike other products on the market, Earthquake’s GLI-200 is constructed with high-quality components and will not roll-off the low frequency response due to undersized transformers resulting in substandard performance. It was designed to kill off the dreaded buzz noise or ground loop while maintaining high-quality sound from your audio system.

The compact and rugged construction of the GLI-200 allows for it to fit into virtually any audio system, and can be mounted to any surface with its built-in mounting bracket. This will give you a cleaner looking install and allow it to be hidden out of sight. When it comes to audio noise and hum issues, Earthquake Sound offers great problem solving solutions for audio professionals and installers to the everyday home and car audio enthusiast.



  • Model No: GLI-200
  • EAN: 0689759001911
  • Eliminates Hum or Ground Loop Noise
  • Home, Mobile, and Pro Audio Compatible
  • RCA Inputs and Outputs
  • 600Ω Impedance Industry Standard
  • Compact Rugged Construction

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 2.85″ (72.49mm)
  • Width: 3.32" (84.45mm)
  • Depth: 1.35" (34.33mm)
€ 54 w/o VAT
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