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BA-550 - Plateamp



- The BA-550 PlateAmp -

The BA-550 from Earthquake is the ideal plate amp when both high power and advanced features are needed. The BA-550 is placed between our powerful no-nonsense EQ-1000 and the exotic IQ-600/1500 amplifiers. BA-550 offers enhanced control features like selectable frequency boost.

With 600 watts into 4 ohm, airtight design for direct mounting in the subwoofer and remote control the BA-550  is hard to beat. BA-550 is designed, developed and rationally produced at Earthquakes own factory. This ensures high performance, overbuilt construction and a fair price. Here, quality is not gobbled up by 10 middlemen.

Like the high-end IQ plate amps the BA-550 is equipped with an oversized separate transformer. The separate design reduces the mounting depth thus allowing even smaller subs to be built. The transformer is easily installed in a corner of the cabinet where there is extra space. The transformer is a rigid silicon-steel hard-wound 750VA low regulation toroidal transformer. The large and heavy transformer ensures a stable supply without voltage drop even under heavy load.

The amplifier is built around Earthquakes  Evolved Class D amplifier technology. It uses an efficient and low frequency optimized PWM switching output -  resulting in  exceptional powerful control over even large and heavy woofers. The amplifier is equipped with 6 high ampere discrete transistors for high and continuous current. No cheap monolith output modules here.

The oversized Evolved Class D amplifier has an efficiency of 90% which means that the amplifier does not get hot even with extended high output. This unique class D design distinguishes itself with high performance and superb bass control. Even the most complex source material is reproduced with precision.

The BA-550 amplifier comes with IR eye and remote control making volume  easy to adjust while the subwoofer is playing, wherever it is located.


Sold and priced per piece.

  • Model no:BA-550
  • EAN: 0068975900992
  • Earthquake Evolved Class D Amplifier
  • 600 watt MAX  4 ohm @ 230 volt
  • 380 watt MAX   8 ohm @ 230 volt
  • Enhanced  room correction
  • Airtight design for direct mounting in the subwoofer box
  • 0-180 degree phase adjustment
  • Volume control
  • Speaker power in and outputs.


  • HxWxD: 266x266x124mm
  • Mounting Depth: 96mm

BA-550 Manual

BA-550 Schematics

€ 247 w/o VAT
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