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DBXi - high performance subwoofers with advanced technology.

DBXi is a showcase in the use and adaptation of extremely advanced technology. DBXi simplifies the choice for the serious bass enthusiast. It is no longer necessary to decide whether the subwoofer should be an SPL or SQL design. DBXi provides high SPL while remaining fast, accurate and musical. Innovative technology and a revolutionary machining process are key elements of the DBXi design. Enabling us to produce a subwoofer capable of thunderous deep bass with speed, precision and articulation.

Development of the DBXi

The development of the new DBXi drivers began with an in-depth review of all elements in subwoofer design. The conclusion was that a refinement of existing technology could not overcome  known limitations. New technology was a necessity for delivering bone-crushing low frequency response while still retaining the speed and composure required for higher cutoff frequencies. Many manufacturers are able to make heavy and slow woofers that begin to stumble over themselves at 60 - 70 Hz. Also, many manufacturers are able to produce overdeveloped mid-tone drivers that are fast, but not able to go deeper than 60 Hz. One of the major design requirements for DBXi was a linear frequency response from 20 to 250 Hz (15 "DBXi). What distinguishes great subwoofer units from mediocre, is paradoxically their ability to reproduce the higher frequencies. Especially for music reproduction - a quick and hard-hitting bass is much more immersive than a bass that feels heavy and slow. A woofer must be taut, responsive and hard hitting.

Magnetic system with nuclear technology

DBXi's ultra powerful magnet system is the result of an unusual collaboration with the nuclear power industry in Wisconsin. In order to achieve the desired power density without the cost of rare earth magnets, it was necessary to increase the strength of conventional magnets significantly. This initiated the partnership with a manufacturer of plutonium fuel rods (radioactive fuel cylinders for nuclear power plant) in Wisconsin. This manufacturer had invented a special hot forging process, which enabled the production of a magnet motor backplate and center section out of a single piece of metal.  Using the fuel rod hot forging technology  we were able to produce super high gauss motors using traditional ferrite based magnetic material. The ultra-high magnetic intensity is obtained because all the magnetic field lines can now transmit magnetic flux without loss, since the magnet structure  is now one piece instead of the more  traditional multi piece design. It provides an extremely efficient and accurate motor.

High-performance voice coil

At the heart of DBXi sits an oversized voice coil. All aspects of the voice coil design have been optimized for maximum performance, durability and sound quality. The voice coil former (the cylinder to which the coil is wound) is made of aluminum, not cellulose (cardboard), Kapton ® or fiberglass. The use of aluminum prevents hot-spots on the voice coil - due to the superb heat conductivity inherent to aluminum. In essence the entire voice coil becomes one big heat sink. The voice coil  is wound of copper wire and meets mil-std specifications for temperature resilience. German made high temperature adhesives are used to fuse the coil to the former.  This guarantees peak performance even during hard and continuous operation.

TCT - Turbine Cooled Transducer

DBXi is equipped with the patented TCT (Turbine Cooled Transducer) technology. TCT creates cooling airflow similar to a tornado around the voice coil. The tornado is created by air forced through cooling channels milled in a vortex structure. Traditional voice coil cooling is done by drilling out the pole piece and the woofer stroke then pushes air back and forth. This cooling scheme only has a linear increase as a function of woofer stroke. TCT is different. TCT creates an exponential increase in cooling capacity as a function of woofer stroke. This is achieved by harnessing the centrifugal forces in the mini tornado to increase surface area contact between the air and voice coil. TCT is so effective that the voice coil temperature is reduced 50% compared to the same woofer without TCT. This prevents heat derived compression and keeps the woofer at maximum efficiency.  The harder you drive DBXi the more it cools itself.

SWE- Super Wide Edge suspension

DBXi features the extreme SWE (Super Wide Edge) edge suspension geometry. The massive  height of 31mm speaks to the excursion potential. The suspension is of the single-roll type - laminated and thermally pressed for extreme strength and mobility. It allows cone travel of more than 62 mm. This ensures perfect reproduction of even the most bass heavy soundtracks The Super Wide Edge suspension allows record breaking excursion without deformation or increased mechanical resistance.

Parabolic deep dish woofer cone

The DBXi cone is made of a proprietary non-pressed fiber reinforced cellulose pulp substance with extreme stiffness. The cone is then superimposed with a parabolic deep dish made of a strong space age polymer that obtains additional rigidity by its geometric shape. The cone does not flex or deform regardless of input power and frequency.

Super spider with dual symmetric stitched tinsel leads

The DBXi spider is of the super spider type, which means the spider has the same diameter as  the cone -this ensures the spider is not limiting excursion. For optimal performance the edge suspension  and spider must have the same excursion potential, this is not possible with a traditional spider of limited diameter. The tinsel leads to the voice coil are sewn into the spider to ensure against collision with the cone during extreme excursion. This also extends the life of the tinsel leads, as they now bend more gently over a longer distance.  The symmetrical design of the tinsel leads prevents an asymmetrical pull on the cone. The result is longer woofer life, and greater endurance.

XLT chassis geometry

The DBXi is based on Earthquakes signature  XLT chassis geometry. It is the optimal design for extreme excursion. The XLT chassis allows for  extra length between the spider (center suspension) and the magnetic gap. And it is designed to accommodate oversized spiders and voice coils. 

DBXi- High Performance - High quality - Advanced technology


Priced and sold per piece.

  • Model: DBXi-15D
  • EAN: 1-110968-975940
  • Recommended amplifier power: 750 - 2000-Watts
  • Fs: 12 Hz
  • Xmax: 4"
  • Efficiency(1W/1m): 88 dB SPL
  • Nominal Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  • 15 "cast subwoofer 
  • Dual Voice Coil 2 x 4-ohm 
  • 3" diameter aluminum voice coil 
  • 150 Oz hot forged singled piece magnet system
  • Xmax 74 mm PP
  • Xmech 98 mm PP
  • BL 60% @ Xmax


TS Parameters:
TS Data Obtained using the VI-BOX high power system. Specs Measured @ 100watt rms. Standard TS is done @ 1-3 watts which is insufficient for obtaining data in a high excursion modern woofer
  • Fmd = 3.0000 KA
  • Qmd = 1.0000
  • Flp = 8.0000 KA
  • QLP = 2.0000
  • Znom = 8.0000 Ohm
  • Revc = 6.6000 Ohm
  • Sd = 89.0000E-3 M ²
  • MMD = 211.3830E-3 Kg
  • Rtvc = 250.0000E-3 ° C / W
  • Xcoil = 2.0000 In
  • KRM = 187.0000E-3 Ohm
  • Erm = 406.0000E-3
  • Kxm = 4.8620 H
  • EXM = 0.0000
  • Rms = 27.6376 N • S / M
  • MMS = 226.6500E-3 Kg
  • Cms = 127.0500E-6 M / N
  • Vas = 5.0470 ft ³
  • Fo = 13.5757 Hz
  • QMS = 2.6790
  • Qes = 1.0470
  • Qts = 0.4910
  • BL = 16.3200 TM
  • Levc = 773.8113 E-6 H
  • SPLo = 87.3776 dB
  • No = 343.5075E-3%

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DBXi-15D Manual
DBXi-15D Product Release

DBXi-15D Impedance vs. Frequency Graph

€ 415 w/o VAT
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