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The Earthquake PUMP-12 -  A Unique Passive Radiator  Module

Essentially  two  horn  loaded  12-inch  passive radiators,  the PUMP-12 adds diverse implementations possibilities to our existing lineup of SLAPS passive drivers. 

Earthquake Passive Radiators provide additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume. Designed to perfectly complement all good quality long-throw woofers on the market. SLAPS/Pump-12 add up to +6dB of bass compared to regular sealed and ported enclosures. They can be integrated into virtually any sub/ cabinet combination.

When  using  a  sealed  enclosure,  there  is  one  peak  of  resonant frequency at which the amplifier draws the least current. The graphs below  illustrate  the difference between a  typical sealed box enclosure and  the PUMPed box enclosure.


The Graph shows the green area is 30% less than the yellow area. This means the amplifier current draw of the PUMPed enclosure is 30% less than that of the regular sealed box enclosure. With less current draw, the speaker’s  impedance  increases and  therefore, SPL also  increases.In summary,  the  PUMP-12  increases  the  subwoofer’s  SPL  by  6dB without  the need  to draw more amplifier current.

The  PUMP-12  works  great   with  the  following active  subwoofer combinations:

  • One 10-inch subwoofer + one PUMP-12

  • One 12-inch subwoofer + one PUMP-12

  • One 15-inch subwoofer + one PUMP-12

  • Two 10-inch subwoofers + one PUMP-12

  • Two 12-inch subwoofers + one PUMP-12

When selecting which active driver(s) to use with the PUMP-12, it is important to make sure that the combined piston area of the active driver(s) does not exceed  that of  the PUMP-12  (226

Recommended Box Size:

The  PUMP-12  requires  9-in  x  14-in  x  14-in  of installation  space.  Take  the  recommended  sealed enclosure dimensions of  the chosen active driver and add  the 9-in x 14-in x 14-in  to  it. We  recommend sanding  the cutout hole and pushing the module’s dust caps inwards to allows the PUMP-12 to  go  through  the  cutout  hole  without  damaging  the surrounds.

Pump-12 enables the transfer of high amplifier power into low frequency output. Since the active driver does not have to fight against increasing pneumatic pressure in a closed cabinet or over-excursion close to a port tuning frequency. In a closed cabinet design the pneumatic loading of the woofer increases  as a function of its travel, this causes compression. Pump technology possesses none of these limitations.


Sold and priced per piece.
  • Coupled with almost all woofers, increases output without added amplifier power
  • Suitable for high output needs where space is limited
  • Model no.: PUMP-12
  • EAN:0689759101215

  • Piston area: 226 (0.1458 m2)
  • Cutout Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 12-3/4" (140mm x 324mm)


PUMP-12 Manual

PUMP-12 Brochure

PUMP-12 Box Tuning Frequency

PUMP-12 Ad Poster

€ 225 w/o VAT
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