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Hard-hitting bass - Strong price

Earthquake SUB-80X is the market value performance leader. No other sub gives so much bass and punch in this class. Everything superfluous is cut away and all resources concentrated on the most important, namely Bass - hard-hitting, detailed and in massive quantities.

Even with its incredibly low price the SUB80 subwoofer is built right. Strong quality components are used all the way through.

  • 150 watt Earthquake enhanced class AB amplifier ensures ample power even during sustained heavy use
  • 2 inch high temperature voice coil, guaranteeing that even hard use is handled problem free 
  • Santoprene edge surround, instead of a cheap rubber is used. Santoprene is superior for longe stroke and durability
  • 8 inch Xtra Long-throw Earthquake woofer with 48oz high Gauss magnet, the strong magnet gives a high electromotive coupling that gives great bass control, and increased output
  • Optimized Flared bass port enhances the acoustic output from the subwoofer
  • Downfiring construction increase the subwoofer output, by using the floor as acoustic amplifier 

SUB-80X is a compact and rationally designed subwoofer, which does not compromise on the most important - sound quality. SUB80 have surplus and control even under hard and continuous operation. The impressive performance is complemented by a black ash finish that fits in any interior.

SUB-80X fills the room with accurate musical bass and thundering sound effects.

With versatile connectivity options  SUB-80X is compatible with all speakers.


Sold and priced per piece.


  • Model nr.: SUB-80X
  • EAN: 0068975900022
  • 300 watts dynamic
  • 150 watts continuous 
  • Earthquake Class AB amplifier 
  • Speaker level input up to 10 volts 
  • RCA level (low) audio input 
  • Auto turn on / signal detection circuitry 
  • 180-degree phase inverting switch 
  • Unobtrusive and easy to position 
  • Versatile set-up options with broad compatibility 
  • 12 db / octave variable crossover from 40 to 130 hz 
  • Frequency response 25 -180 
  • Black ash finish

€ 260 w/o VAT
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