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In-wall / In-Ceiling Mounting

If you are not accustomed to the way the dog-ear mounting scheme on these operate it is relatively easy to brake them, however when you first get used to how they need to be handled, then there are almost never any issues.

The round top part is made to easily brake off, when the screw is reversed beyond the fully open setting (the way they come out of the box). This is done so that in case the insulation material or similar is blocking the dog-ears from rotating back in their holder, the top part simply brakes off and the speaker can be removed without ripping , tearing or causing additional damage. The top parts are easily glued back on with standard superglue. Since this only happens when the screw is reversed, it can never happen the first time a speaker is mounted, unless the installer has the drill set for reverse.

The dog-ears themselves are designed to snap if they are torqued down with greater force than what would start to make indentation in medium density drywall. If you are breaking the dog-ears then you are using a combination of too much torque and too much speed when screwing them down. It is best to use a cordless drill with a quick action clutch that has fine step settings. When you are using the correct torque setting you can install these by the hundreds without ever breaking a single one. The reason we include an extra dog-ear with the products is in case the installer has the wrong torque setting on his drill and does not realize this before he has snapped the first one. 

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