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Optimal placement of the subwoofer with SLAPS
Earthquake's SLAPS technology has many advantages. It increases output dramatically. It decreases compression and increases momentum. It allows very low tuning frequency from unheard-of small enclosures/cabinets.

All SLAPS come with a new set of placement considerations.  When the sound comes out of both ends of the subwoofer, you require additional insight and forethought to achieve optimal placement. How the subwoofer integrates with the room has a huge impact on the sound reproduction.
It's therefore a really good to invest some time optimizing your subwoofer placement. Signs of a SLAPS subwoofer being misplaced are usually boomy, inaccurate and thundering reproductions.

Placering 1.

It's the optimum location. It gives the same "loading" of both the passive and active device. Corner-based locations function as a horn-loading which increases the acoustic output, which results in an increased peak SPL. Since both devices connect to one corner / wall , the largest output and the best timing and sound quality will be achieved.

Placering 2.

This location is also good. It is important that the passive SLAPS is facing inward towards the wall. This location also uses the horn-effect of the wall corner , incresing the output effect from the subwoofer.

This location can be problematic if the rear wall is made of a thin and easily vibrating material, which could result in wall vibration and abnormal sounds in the room. If the back of the wall is a more solid construction, this will not be a problem. Make sure to leave at least 10 cm between the subwoofer and the wall as the SLAPS can move up to 9 cm in low frequency output at high volume.

Placering 3.
Denne placering kan bruges hvis placering 1 eller 2  ikke er mulig. Placer subwooferen så Slaps enheden vender indad mod højre sidevæg i en afstand på godt 90 cm.

This location can be used in positions 1 or 2 is not possible. Place the subwoofer so the SLAPS unit is facing inwards towards the right side of the wall at a distance of about 90 cm.

When experimenting with placement, it is important to use the rumkorregerings tools built into the subwoofer. Since these are different from sub to sub , please refer to the subs manual.

The illustrations are P = Passive SLAPS and A = Primary Active Unit

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