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Question : How can a subwoofer driver play below its Fs (resonance frequency) point ?

A: The Fs of a driver is taken in Free Air. As soon as you put it in a box you add resistance same as if you made the moving mass heavier, this lowers the resonance point. This is referred to as system resonance.

With SLAPS you can tune this resonance point to be outside of the audible range. How low you can tune it really depends on the maximum excursion potential of the woofer you are using. You want the Slaps to start resisting the movement of the woofer before the woofer runs out of excursion as to prevent it from bottoming out. This is why only long stroke woofers should be used with SLAPS.The reason why subwoofers you might have heard in the past sound bad below their tuning point is simply because their design did not allow for a tuning point low enough for it to be outside of the audible range. Slaps can not fix the sound if the primary woofer is distorting, instead it prevents the woofer from distorting in the first place by allowing a tuning frequency below audible range.

With a Slaps energy below the tuning point typically below 20hz is translated by the slaps to powerful infrasonic energy (vibrations) that the human auditory system will detect as very low frequency sound, even though the  ears are not capable of hearing it, your body will sense it. Same as how tactile transducers can stitch back the missing fundamental to an audio range through the body, so will this low frequency airborne energy.

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