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Earthquake shakes things up in the iDome

EON Reality Brings Large-Scale Social Virtual Reality To The Masses  

Virtual Reality is often associated with headsets and individual experiences. EON Reality’s Idome seeks to turn VR into a social, collaborative, and immersive experience where every participant can interact. The EON Idome combines compelling 3D visuals with engaging interactive VR experiences.

The EON Idome offers twenty-four guests a seamless full field-of-view 3D experience on a curved twenty-one foot tall screen and their seats rumble along with the action.

“The EON Idome is a great addition to what we’ve already accomplished in Laval, France. [...] we’re making a big impact locally and we’re pioneering new uses of Virtual Reality that will help spark imagination around the world.” - Yann Froger, Managing Director of EON Reality SAS


 Earthquake’s Tactile Technology

MiniQuake Tactile Transducers (MQB-1) are an explosive way to generate massive amounts of vibration, which brings you right into the game world. Installation of an Earthquake tactile device on your gaming chair will give you an incredible interactive experience.

Tactile transducers can supplement and sometimes replace traditional subwoofers. In situations where the environment dictates using headphones, a tactile transducer can provide the bass and impact, free of nuisance to the surroundings.

With massive percussion power and Earthquake’s patented 3D Motion™ technology, the shakers bring user immersion to a new level.


Earthquake iDome Press Release (PDF)

iDome/Earthquake Setup:

MQB-1 MiniQuake - Tactile Transducer
With only one moving part the MQB1 is maintenance free. With impact energy far beyond any consumer shaker, the audio enthusiast will experience unprecedented tactile response.



Cinenova Grande Amplifier
The Cinénova Grande has long been the most   powerful multi channel amplifier on the market. The new channel-bridge feature further propels the Cinénova Grande into the wattage stratosphere.



Titan Hestia On-Wall Speaker

Ideally suited for anyone desiring a superior audio experience without large floor speakers occupying the room. The Hestia is capable of thundering dynamics while remaining perfectly composed, detailed and harmonic.




Titan Theia -  Center Speaker
Very few center speakers live up to the acoustic performance of the stereo speakers they are paired with. The Theia ups the ante on performance by incorporating several advanced core Earthquake technologies. 



XJ-700 LFE Mono Block Class J Amplifier

The XJ-700R is a high power mono block subwoofer amplifier ideal for powering large subwoofers or tactile transducers. Features include: variable low pass filter, phase inversion and  precalculated boundary EQ.


Supernova MKV-12P Subwoofer
The Supernova MKV is rated as “the most powerful LFE subwoofer” due to its ability to produce a deep high impact bass down to 18Hz and below without compromising the quality of sound.







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