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Showreport from this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


CES 2011 Show Report

Product Release

Export Award

The United States Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, honored Earthquake Sound with an export achievement award for recent accomplishments in the global marketplace at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

Joseph Sahyoun and Abraham Sahyoun were grateful for the opportunity to brifly discuss important business developments with the Secretary.

The US Department of Commerce recognized Thomas Mygind, President of Earthquake Europe for his achievement in expanding export operations thus creating American jobs,After the ceremony, the US department of Commerce invited Earthquake Sound Corporation to a private reception with selected international distributors. Earthquake Sound has a strong and fruitful relationship with the US Department of Commerce and appreciate their continued assistance in expanding global sales operations.

Left to right: Joseph Sahyoun, Secretary Gary Locke,
Abraham Sahyoun and Thomas Mygind 


  Our new and improved iQuake-52 iPod Docking speakers
were a huge hit at CES 2011


With two new demonstrations that featured 3D content,

we were able showcase our 3D Motion
Tactile Tranducer technology



Shell Shoxx, our up and coming gaming accessory,

was available to demo at the show.



Earthquake's luxurious Titan towers come in 4" and 8" woofers.
These high fidelity towers always catch the eyes of attendees.

The Telestos were featured in one of the sound rooms.
Though they are designed as a two channel system, they can be easily adapted to a surround system.
  Our Tactile Transducer display produced the most powerful vibration
these visitors have ever experienced.
Joseph Sahyoun, Chief Engineer of Earthquake Sound, explains the patented technology behind the award winning Tactile Transducers
The show was a huge success and Earthquake Sound looks forward to introducing more products and innovations at future shows.
Left to right: United Stated Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. President Earthquake Europe Thomas Mygind.
Thomas Mygind holding the export excellence award.


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